Declutter Your Life


Happy New Year! Hope everyone is well. To start 2016 off, I have accepted this 30 day minimalism challenge in order to declutter and slow down my life a bit. I am currently on day four, but I thought I would share regardless. I found this on Tumblr (obviously) and decided it was something I needed to do as I spend way too much time on my phone, computer, etc. and am in much need of a new routine. I hope this encourages you to do the same! It could be fun.

The first day was hard, but I successfully did not touch my phone or computer all day for anything social media. On the second day I attempted meditating and just sat by myself for awhile. And for decluttering my digital life, I deleted twitter and some other apps off my phone so as not to tempt me in wasting time. Today, I am complaint freeeeeee. Feels good.

Hope to do more blogging in the new year as well! Stay cool people.


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