Sustainability Challenge?

Hey there, ya I know, it’s been awhile, but like with everything else I was self-sabotaging myself so that I couldn’t actually move forward in my life and do what’s really important aka blog. Thank you Leandra Medine for helping me come to that realization through your binge-listened Monocycle podcasts by yours truly. I encourage all ya’ll to listen to her, she’s hilarious and insightful.

Anyways, I guess I’m back and I’m here not to talk to you about fashion but sustainability. I know, what a big word for me right? Ok but real talk, I am undertaking a 6 pieces for 6 (4) weeks sustainability challenge. At least I think I am. 

Goals: Choose six pieces of clothing and only wear those six pieces for 6 (4) weeks. I may already self-sabotage myself and shorten this to a month. Yup. Either way I’m doing it for awhile. Now this does not include undergarments, jackets/sweaters, shoes, workout clothes, and any other little extra necessities that I deem necessary. I am also forbidding myself to shop during these blocked out weeks. Woah, am I seriously trying to kill myself? This challenge is also supposed to bring awareness to the true cost of fast fashion, everything is so cheap AND cheaply made so we end up buying too much of it and honestly how much do we actually wear? I think after this month of torture I will also realize that there’s a lot of pieces I don’t even like anymore and I will finally get rid of them.

But also think about all the time I am going to save. How much of our time is wasted getting dressed? Answer: A LOT. Literally the first few things I think when I wake up in the morning are A. Where’s my coffee? B. Why am I not Harry Styles? And C. What am I going to wear today? Now when I get to question C, I will only have so many options (6) to choose from and it will force me to accessorize and make each outfit different. Also it’s not about the clothes it’s about how YOU wear the clothes. Something my brother said to me, what a guy he is. Gedney, shoutout!! Love you, miss you. 

I expect this to be seriously hard, as my favorite thing to do is put outfits together but that’s the whole point of a challenge I suppose. And yeah people are gonna be like, “Ew, didn’t she wear that yesterday?” But I could really care less and also if we look at the greater picture, which is that the fast fashion world has really just become a corrupt business, all about making money, with no integrity for the actual clothing-making process, then really what I am doing is sorta like a fun protest. Cause I ain’t gonna buy your cheaply made *insert swear word.*

I’ll post the pieces I picked and the outfits I put together with said designated pieces throughout this month of hardship.

Lots of looooove. Be nice and stuff. Bye!

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