Challenge Accepted and Failed

Ok so I am just gonna get straight to the gist of things and tell ya’ll right now that I completely failed the 6 piece for 6 weeks sustainability challenge. And you know what’s rich is that now Marist (where I attend college) is doing an official one! C’MON I DID IT FIRST GUYS. But they’re actually raising money and stuff and it’s really super great but I just couldn’t commit since I tried and failed four weeks prior.

Here’s the deal, I got through about three weeks and then I realized it was seriously unenjoyable. I thought it would be fun because it would FORCE me to accessorize, something I am trying to get better at, but in reality it just felt as though I was hindering my creativity. My favorite thing to do is get dressed! And it got boring real fast. Maybe I should have chosen more colorful pieces, the black n white thing was a proper disappointment. Also I think doing it during the winter made it more difficult because I was always cold and wanted to layer and add a lot to my outfit when I wasn’t supposed to. So I stopped. And I wore what I wanted, and the smile on my face when I got out of bed in the morning returned. And now here we are.

I was successful, however, in the fact that I did not go shopping!!!! And man is it hard ok it actually SUCKED. Since I never allowed myself to go in any actual stores for fear of caving, I found myself online shopping a lot and putting things on wish lists and shopping online is something I rarely do because it scares me. I am a touchy, feely sorta person, so those sensory details are really important to me when I am perusing. And I HATE when websites don’t have full descriptions on the clothes. I need to know what I am buying people. Also probably like everyone else, I am more likely to spend more money online. I almost just bought this stellar and I mean stellar Free People plaid long dress thing because it was on sale but it was still $100 and I honestly almost bought it and then I came to the realization that I don’t actually have $100. Joke’s on me.

Hope everyone’s February is going swell ! Much love xo.


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