Well, helloooo there!

I am Summer Taylor Mosher. Yours truly. Life enthusiast. Ok, ready?

Fun Facts:

  • I am almost always happy. I swear.
  • I love clothes and looking good and feeling good.
  • I am proudly a coffee addict.
  • Fav brekky option: Jake’s (my dad – his real name is Mike) perfected, tested, and true buttermilk pancakes.
  • My favorite person in the world just so happens to be my big brother, Gedney. We’re kinda soul mates.
  • I have two cats, Jax and Smudge.
  • I prefer to be in a pair of chucks over every other shoe.
  • Christmas time is the only time.
  • I want to inspire people to be themselves.
  • I just wanna vibe.
  • And of course, I hope we can be friends.

Personally, style is very important to me.  Fashion is limitless. You can do whatever you want with it and that is what I think I will always bring to the table: my style. I am not afraid to cross boundaries, to set my own trends and to do what I think looks wicked even if it is not the popular opinion. Change is essential and I think it is something that should be celebrated.

This blog is a way for me to explore my style and personality, and hopefully inspires you to do the same. I want you to be excited about life, man. And I want you to feel confident in yourself; you know looking good, feeling good, everyday.  I’m a big believer in you donut need an explanation for everything. So do what you want. Do not be afraid to express yourself through your style. I hope I can at least brighten your day when you see everything that is tayloredbysummer. And maybe even give you some tips along the way.

Hope you’re well and that you stick around because I’m here for it all.

Photographer: Fiona Dwyer-McNulty


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